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You find anxiety relief techniques in the strangest places?

It’s spring time in Mississippi, and time for some backyard gardening.

Whether you are growing something to eat, or something to look at, gardening in your own backyard gives you a chance to experience the best possible anxiety and stress remedies.

As much as I love the amazement of seeing how beautiful your flower gardens are, I never have been taken with growing my own. But I do love vegetable gardens.

There’s something about planting seeds in the ground and expecting them to come up that gives my moods a different perspective.

Anticipating and checking each day for the bean that I planted to be suddenly lifted out of the soil on a stem that will soon become a bush or a vine. Of all the pleasure of gardening, that’s the most exciting time for me.

Are you a backyard gardener?

Gardening is truly a natural anxiety relief technique that works! And you don’t have to live on a farm to raise your own vegetables, either.

There must be millions of people raising tomatoes in buckets and flower pots on their patio. Millions more with raised bed gardens. However you decide to go about it, you will find there is something about putting your hands in the dirt that grounds you back to your roots.

Once you have your plants up,  out of the ground,  you will find yourself rooting for them, as if they were your favorite football team. You will be looking for ways to keep the pest of the world off of them, and being sure they have enough water so nothing will stress them out.

Backyard Vegetable Gardening Is More Than Food To Eat

Backyard vegetable gardening teaches you a lot about yourself, and how to treat your self. It won’t take you long to realize that the plants in your home garden need you. They may be able to exist without your tender loving care, but they won’t flourish.

You may make the connection between the fact that just like it needs watering, and loved, so do you.

You may see that you are responsible enough to think about what your garden needs, how to make it flourish, and then take action to keep it from withering away.

As you stand there in the warm summer sun gently harvesting your organic food and thinking about how you have provided a safe place for your home garden to live, exist, flourish, and bring forth its fruit: you may have an epiphany.

You are the caretaker of your soul

You may suddenly realize that you can do this for yourself. You don’t need anyone else to hear your screams for help. You don’t really need anyone else to nourish you. You may see now that you can nurture your self.

Not only are you a backyard gardener, you are the caretaker of your own soul. You will see that it’s up to you to provide a safe and healthy environment for your inner most self to thrive and flourish.

Do you see it yet? Are you seeing how it’s your responsibility to take action to find anxiety cures, and stress remedies for yourself.

When you find yourself in love with backyard gardening, you will find yourself thinking about how to keep the pest and insects off your tomato plants.

Gardening is Nourishing

When you realize how important your own well being is to your happiness and the people around you, you’ll want to nourish and protect yourself with the same loving care you’ve been providing for your garden plants.

Being a backyard gardener has a lot more advantages than just eating your own fresh vegetables. Oh yes, having your own home garden will give you a chance to practice mindfulness, a place to see that you are worth taking care of, you are worth the same tender loving care you’ve been giving your beds, and patches.

Is it time to cultivate your peace?

Don’t you think it’s time for you to take some real action for yourself. The best anxiety relief techniques aren’t really complicated at all. In fact, they may be right in your own backyard?

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