Does Exercise Really Help Anxiety

woman running for exercise to really help anxiety
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How about we cut right through all of the internet bull shit about anxiety, and get to something that will help make life easier for you?

I understand that there are people who are simply so overcome with all of the symptoms of anxiety attacks, panic attacks, phobias, and the like that they require medication to get through it all.  

But even then you should be seizing the opportunity to do something beneficial for yourself, while you are drugged.  Something that will outlast your insurance policy that is paying for the convenience.

The very first place to begin with any natural anxiety relief program is with exercise.  If your problem isn’t large enough yet for you to want to take every possible step to eliminate it, well, what can I say?  Either get a pill, or keep dealing with the attacks.

Walking Is The Best Exercise For Anxiety

Remember now, we ain’t talking sales presentations here!  We are speaking the truth.  And the truth is that you need to be walking no less than 5 days a week.

A minimum of 30 minutes of brisk walking on a walking track, around the block, down the street, on the shoulder of a major highway.  

A life lived according to minimum standards is going to suck!  Minimum of 30 minutes means to exist, not to thrive.  If you care to get above a minimum life, then make your personal minimum an hour, or more.

Not the walking you do at the requirement of your job.  That will never have any affect on your stress, anxiety, heart health, or ability to dismiss the garbage that has collected in your mind.

Will You Enjoy Walking?

Of course you can lie to yourself for a few weeks as you tell all of your friends and loved ones of all of the benefits, and how much better you feel.

But then, you are going to get to the place that it’s a habit, not some cute little thing to talk about at work.  In fact you will get to the place that you forget how cute you thought yourself in your new exercise clothes and shoes.

Exercise for anxiety will become drudgery.  

You will have mental fights about whether you really need this shit.  That right there is the best clue that you are much better, now.  

But after a lot of walking trips, the ingrained habit of your exercise program will be stronger than your mental gyrations that are trying to keep you from real relief. 

Does Exercise Really Help Anxiety?

Yea, it does.  If you are suffering from any type of anxiety, stress, or worry, you need to be walking.  “How much?” I hear you asking again.  “How long will I have to continue doing it?”

The rest of your life!

“My pill goes right to work to drug me and mask the symptoms, how long will this walking take?”

Walking (or any of the inane exercise programs that have become popular) is not a pill, ok?

Your walking program will begin to release natural feel good hormones immediately, but you are so accustomed to feeling bad and anxious that it will take a week or two before you even get a hint of how much better you feel.

But, like medication for anxiety, these natural hormones don’t do enough.  You need the real benefits of your new exercise program.  

The opportunity for your mind and head chatter to shut up for a minute, so you can have some real peace for a change.  That peace is from the inside out, not visa versus.

 That is what the other exercises can’t really deliver to you, that walking can.

That continuous rhythmatic movement of your body that sooner or later encompasses your entire body and merges it with your mind.  When that happens each day, there is a cleansing of your mind that reaches deep within your soul, where your peace is.

This cleansing is real, and brings real relief from anxiety, stress, worry, and general bad health.

Make up your own mind.  Are you ready for relief?  Or are you still looking for someone else to do it for you?

Anxiety is yours.  No one else can touch it!  It’s coming from the garbage that has collected in the very depths of your mind.

When you walk everyday you are taking responsibility for yourself, your physical heath, and your mental and emotional health.

Don’t try to push that responsibility off on doctors, pharmacist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or reading the same ole stuff over and over. 

Exercise for anxiety will clear your head enough to hear your heart tell you the next step to recovery, and the next step into your life.

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