Don’t Stress Over Natural Stress Remedies

I’m saying we are too stressed, too uptight. We need natural stress remedies.  And we need them now!  We need something real easy.   Something that gets us away from the world we have to negotiate everyday.

We need stress remedies that make us smile more and relax deeper.

We don’t need to learn anything else to relax, and we don’t need to pay anymore. We just need to chill out with these highly effective natural stress remedies.

There are plenty of people with this affliction in the world already.  You need these remedies to help calm you down and forget the real world.  Get out of there, you deserve it.

That’s why I’ve taken the time to outline the 5 best stress remedies for people like yourself.  People who can remember when they used to smile more — When they didn’t worry about cures for anxiety, and didn’t know about it.

Natural Stress Remedies That Work

Enjoy these simple cost free and soothing remedies this very day,  and try to relax.

1. Prolong your life with naps.

You may not know it, but naps are important to your health.  Naps dissolve the tension people in the world tie us up with and turns the knots into smiles.  Why do you think babies need naps?  Babies know how to relax and let all the cares of the world slide on by.  Naturally, with a good nap.  Just don’t get caught napping at work?

2. Listen To Some Music.

Get still somewhere and listen to something that you know is relaxing.  Listen to something that takes you somewhere else.  Use your favorite music for a short vacation.  Use it for a time machine to take you back to a more stress free time.  A time when you didn’t concern yourself with remedies.

3. Don’t be afraid to read a book.

If you can’t forget all of the crazies at work with a good book, you must be reading non fiction.  Stop it.  You should have got enough of that in school.  Get a romance novel, get involved in a good science fiction war, anything but the reality of today.  It’s just not natural to be stressed.  Who needs it?

4. Nothing beats daydreaming.

Of all the natural stress remedies, this is tops. This is my secret weapon against stress.  Be who ever you want to be, do what ever you like and no one is the wiser.  Don’t let anything you’ve heard sway your opinion of daydreaming.   My, my,  the  places I been and the people I’ve been with?

5. A hot bath relaxes all your troubles away.

A soothing, hot bath will naturally take the edge off of stress, anxiety and worry.  You don’t need that stuff, soak it off with a good book and that music we talked about earlier.  And don’t use an electric radio in the bathroom, it could cause you to be permanently relaxed?

I know.  You could do the yoga, exercise, meditate like a monk, or jog around the block, but that stresses me out just thinking about it.   Don’t do it.

Do something that takes no effort at all, smile at the wackos tomorrow, and share one of these natural stress remedies with them?

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