Fast Way To Beat Anxiety

Beating Anxiety Attacks

► Anxiety comes from your subconscious mind because it thinks you are facing danger or a situation you have feared in the past.

► Sometimes you can “will yourself” to continue on through the symptoms until they subside.

► Sometimes you just give up to them.

► Is there a Fast Way To Beat Anxiety when it shows up?

The common reaction to anxiety is to attempt to ignore it and go on with what you’re doing.

Truth is: If you could ignore anxiety it wouldn’t be a problem.  

Anxiety is either fear of some stressful situation you are facing or it is Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Either one leaves you to face one of these 3 choices:

  • Endure it and hope for the best
  • Medicate yourself with mood altering drugs made to hide the effects of the symptoms
  • Face it and focus your attention on the symptoms for fast relief

I spent years enduring generalized anxiety and panic disorders thinking there were only the first two options available before learning I could beat it all.

Steps To Beat An Anxiety Attack Fast

1. Touch Something to Stay in the Moment

Calm your anxiety and get back into the reality of the moment with your sense of touch.  

No matter where you are you can find something to touch.  

Pick up any object, a coffee cup, a writing pen, a stick, grab a piece of your clothing:  it doesn’t matter what you touch.  

Immediately begin to refocus all of your attention onto the way it feels on your finger tips.  This act of physically touching something on purpose during an anxiety attack gives you a way to refocus and get back to reality.

You may be surprised how quickly you can move to place of calm with your sense of touch.

Here’s two post that can prepare you for staying in the moment and focused on relief during an onslaught of anxiety:

Now that you’ve stopped attempting to fight off the attack you’re in a position to start focusing on the symptoms one by one.

2. Stay in Your Body

When you are stressed, consumed with worry, anxiousness, or panicked, the first thing you need to do is call yourself back into the moment and into your body.  

Anxiety small or large along with panic attacks have a way to make you feel like you are disconnected from yourself with no control over what’s happening.

It “feels like” an anxiety attack demands all of your mental attention to fight, or maybe even leave running if it’s panic.

That’s because you were born with the fight or flight syndrome and this is it manifesting itself.

Instead of trying to fight anxiety off or run from it with more activity, a calm moment relieves the pressure.

The fastest way to beat anxiety is to stay calm, look for the symptoms, welcome them and they gently leave the scene.

3. Focus On The Symptoms

The most effective method I have used for fast relief is to quickly change my focus.  

Refocus everything to what your anxiety feels like.  

Ignoring the symptoms is the wrong approach.

Instead, stop what you are doing and thinking about, and focus all of your attention on the feelings and symptoms you are experiencing.

 These feelings are real messages from your brain, and you need to indicate to your brain that you are paying attention.

4. Locate the Symptoms

Stop whatever you are doing physically and in your mind — and cause yourself to look within.  

Think about where the feeling of anxiety is located in your body.

Anxiety produces a wide range of physical symptoms;  but the symptoms are coming from what’s going on in your mind.

It’s time to get in your mind and see what your symptoms are, and where they are manifesting at this very moment. 

5. Face the Anxiety Symptoms One by One

Go to the feelings in your mind and see exactly where they are and how they feel.

As you stop fighting against the symptoms and look within to simply locate where the symptoms are manifesting.

Anxiety must cause what seems to be real physical symptoms. And you need to locate and focus on them one at the time.

Forget the idea that you are going to somehow force them away. Instead, once you locate a symptom, say in the pit of your stomach, or a racing heart beat, or whatever — mentally try to isolate it’s exact location in your body.

Now focus your attention on it and simply observe everything possible about how it feels.

As you focus, without a fight, on a symptom your brain will give it up and it vanishes.

You will sense that the symptom leaves, but it may come right back? Your job is to simply refocus your attention on it again and again until you beat it.

Now look for the next symptom and welcome it also.  You can’t run fast enough to escape the feelings, so come back to your body.


I have no idea how I learned to do this, but it has never failed to stop anxiety no matter the intensity — or even a full blown panic attack.

The most difficult part is to remember to use this technique. We are accustomed to either enduring the attacks, or taking medication.

If you haven’t tried this to beat your own anxiety, please do so. Not only does it work, but it works fast.

And guess what: When you’ve tried it and see that it works, you will stop fearing anxiety attacks. Instead they will be more of a nuisance.

Because it’s all fear based, when your own mind realizes you are no longer afraid, anxiety and panic attacks will slowly stop showing up.

What about you? What methods are you using now for anxiety relief? Tell us how you’re dealing with anxiety attacks in the comments below.

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