how to achieve a goal successfully with gratitude

Setting and achieving goals naturally inspires positive changes and brings about the best possible results. Goals will give you a different outlook on life. Goal setting keeps you moving forward when times are tough. But, how to achieve a goal successfully can be elusive, especially if you’re new to goal setting.

If you’ve tried learning how to use goals in your life and gave up, I would urge you to try again. Here’s two things I know about the most successful people:

  1. They all consider written and attended to goals a part of their lifestyle.
  2. They all live in an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude and Goal Setting

Look at the similarities between making gratitude a part of your being and incorporating goal setting into your life by comparing this paragraph and the first paragraph:

Gratitude inspires positive change and brings out the best in people. It gives you a different outlook on life during tough times as it helps you to move forward. That is why grateful people spend less time worrying about their pain and more time expressing their thankfulness for the good things that are happening in their lives.

10 Ways Gratitude Can Help You Reach Your Goals

1. Inspiring positive action

Seeing your goals come to fruition is easier when you practice gratefulness because gratitude naturally inspires positive action.

When you learn to appreciate the good things in your life, you start searching for ways of moving forward and changing what you don’t like.

Gratefulness causes you to see that there are many possibilities available to you if you just act and believe.

2. Improving your attitude

Thankfulness gives rise to a “Tomorrow is another day” mentality and gets rid of a “This is the end of the road” attitude.

When you are grateful, you see beyond what everyone else is seeing because your vision becomes clearer, your mind alert, and you are more prone to making informed decisions.

Your attitude can either motivate you to go after your dreams or force you to settle for the life you are not interested in living. Therefore, guard your attitude.

The main thing that determines whether or not you will win is your attitude. If you think you will win, you will. If you think you will fail, you will.

3. Shifting your focus

Being thankful can help you attain your goals and give you the life you want by shifting your focus.

In difficult times, you pay more attention to what you can do differently and spend less time thinking about why it went wrong. “Why me?” is replaced by “How else can I approach this?”

Appreciating what you have prevents you from worrying you may never become who you are meant to be and makes you see that you have what it takes to fulfill your destiny.

4. Improving your relationships

Nurturing your relationships and bonding with the people you love is easier when you are thankful.

Negative attitudes make people shy away from you. Seeing worst in people makes you easily give up on relationships.

Successful people know they can never do it alone. They realize that healthy and positive relationships encourage and keep them moving in the right direction.

Staying grateful for your relationships draws more people into your life that are more than willing to help you achieve your goals.

5. Encouraging positive emotions

Negative emotions are caused by believing you are not enough, you don’t have what it takes, and no one cares.

There simply isn’t much you can accomplish when you constantly believe you are worthless. So, start seeing yourself the way you were created and realize you are worth the life you desire.

Realizing your self-worth encourages positive emotions that enable you to start reaching your goals.

6. Stirring positive thinking

Positive thoughts are as important as positive emotions since they determine where you are going as well as what you can become. Positive thoughts assure you that you have all you need inside you to continue chasing your dreams.

One of the greatest things about being thankful is that it stirs positive thinking and gives you a thousand reasons why you need to go forward to achieve your goals.

7. Teaching you to be compassionate

Gratitude helps you appreciate the possibilities someone has made available to you.

Thankfulness inspires you to begin looking for ways of reaching out to someone else and extending the favor. You are moved to offer a helping hand to somebody because you know how far the help you received got you.

Showing thanks for what others have done for you teaches you compassion and pushes you to say “How can I help with that?”

8. Building your confidence

Gratefulness builds your confidence and helps you move forward in life.

So, when you feel you can’t go on, take some time off, and reflect on the positive things in your life to gain peace, recharge, refocus, and come up with better ways of fulfilling your aims.

“If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got, he isn’t likely to be thankful for what he’s going to get.” 

Frank A. Clark

9. Making it easy to ask for help

One thing stopping millions of people from reaching their goals is failing to acknowledge they need help.

Which may be caused by pride or the fact that you never appreciate the things that others do for you.

Being unappreciative makes it hard to seek help when you need it whereas expressing gratitude makes it easy to ask for help. It also makes it easy for the people in your life to support you.

10. Keeping you focused on your abilities

Gratefulness keeps you focused on what you have already achieved and pulls your attention toward your ability to turn things around.


You will find that achieving goals successfully is the way to boosting your self esteem. Here’s 2 interesting points:

  • The higher your self esteem, the easier it is to be grateful.
  • The more grateful you are, the easier it is to achieve your goals.

However, many people seem to expect to fail even with goal setting, and when achieving them is well within reach.

Steps to Take to Always Achieve Your Goals

Is there a way to achieve every goal you ever set for yourself? Maybe not, but when you first start setting goals for success, every success leads to more gratitude and makes it easier to live by goal setting.

1. Goals Must Be Realistic

If achieving your goals is what you want, they must be realistic. Realistic doesn’t mean that you don’t set your sights high and shoot for the stars, though.

On the other hand, why set goals that don’t fit your present skill set or abilities. If you want something to happen outside of those, the first goal should be to learn those skill sets and abilities.

Goals that are realistic are the goals that are attainable.

2. Make Your Goals And Obstacles Clear From The Start

Well defined goals you set for yourself are the goals you achieve. Taking the time to look at every obstacle from the start will limit surprises.

Being rich is not a clear and realistic goal at all. However, having the money to buy a house, a horse, new living room furniture, or more up to date computer is a worthy goal.

Deciding to lose weight and be beautiful isn’t a good goal, either. If you want to lose weight you will need to have an ideal weight to shoot for before you diet.

When you decide to take a path to riches, it’s important to clearly identify the known obstacles. When you think about the obstacles in the path to your goal, think through ways to overcome them.

If it’s a law degree you want, for example, you know immediately that things like money for education and passing the bar could be obstacles.

The key is to clearly define your goals and obstacles. Then you can plan out ways to overcome the obstacles before they arrive.

3. Start Small

Get used to making goals happen by starting small. As you start seeing how to achieve a goal successfully with smaller goals, you will be ready to expand your thinking and horizons.

Using the law school example, work on gaining acceptance as the first goal to achieve. Once you reach thing, start working on the financing and so on.

Each success you have will build your self esteem and encourage you to greater heights. You will even find that building and enlarging the small goals you achieved makes everything possible.

4. Stay Positive

Face it, everything in life doesn’t come easy. However, even though it may take some work to achieve your goals but staying positive is the way to stay grateful, and make your dreams come true.

One way to keep a positive attitude about the future of your goals is by sitting quietly and seeing yourself (in your imagination) realizing your goal. When you do this, it’s important to try to feel the emotions you will feel the day it comes true.

With practice, effort, staying positive, and gratitude for achieving your goal before it’s realized, you’ll learn how to achieve a goal successfully every time.

Why Set Goals?

Only a few people in the world actually set goals and pursue them. Those are by far the most successful people in any avenue. But, if you’re still asking “why set goals?, maybe this will help:

The long and short of it is motivation.

In order to set goals that are achievable, you will need to first think about what specifically you expect to achieve. To make them come true, you will also need to think about each step you’ll need to take to reach your goals.

A goal isn’t really a goal if it isn’t thought out to the end and written.

Once you’ve gone through the process of outlining your goal on paper, you will come back to that written objective over and over. And each time you do, your motivation grows stronger.

It won’t be long before your goals and subgoals become so ingrained in your thinking that you will stop any distractions immediately.

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