7 Steps To Be More Honest With Yourself

Are you serious about improving and developing yourself as a person? Then learning how to be more honest with yourself is your first priority. Denial is a real thing! Learning to see yourself from the outside looking in may be difficult, but it sets you free to grow into a better you.

Honesty Lets You Face Yourself and The World

Growing day by day and year by year is the key to relaxing and enjoying life on every plane. We all know people who stopped growing personally, spiritually, financially, and every way other than clothes size. Life and the enjoyment of living can’t go any farther than you grow, and growth can’t happen without honesty about where we are at the moment.

When we choose dishonesty and delusion, we are choosing to see only what we want to. That might not sound so bad, but it means that you are ignoring a whole lot that you would prefer to avoid. It’s those things that matter the most. You’re securing short-term joy in exchange for long-term happiness.

Being more honest with yourself might be painful, but it’s a necessary part of furthering yourself. The following tips will help you be more honest with yourself.

1. Acknowledge The Bad & The Good

The thing we are guiltiest of is embracing all of the good things about life, while completely ignoring the bad. It’s a bit like social media. We watch these timelines of pure joy and bliss. That isn’t real. People only share the best bits, it’s a slideshow of someone’s life and doesn’t paint a true picture of the hardships they might face.

Ignoring problems is only wallowing in them.

We do this, too, whether it’s on social media or in our own heads. It’s just easier to ignore the bad things rather than deal with them head-on. Ignoring problems won’t solve anything, if anything, it will make things worse for you in the long run. Be honest with yourself about everything good and bad in your life, that balanced view will keep you sane.

2. Take Time For Self-Reflection

At the end of each day, take a few minutes to think about how it went. Ask yourself how you did, if there’s anything you did well or could have done better. You can be honest without being overly critical or too judgmental.

Journaling is the best route to knowing yourself.

This exercise isn’t about damaging your self-esteem, rather, it’s about reflecting on the day in order to make tomorrow a better one. Reflection helps you learn about yourself and it can improve your ability to solve problems, too. When you allow yourself the opportunity to analyze the day, you’re going to get a better picture of what it takes to improve.

3. We All Make Mistakes – Admit It

Every one of us make mistakes, so, why can’t you just admit it? It is one of the most difficult aspects of learning to be honest with yourself. It’s easy to slip into ego protection mode and fine an excuse or someone else to blame for a mistake. In fact, it’s so easy to blame others, we do it without ever being conscious of what we’re doing.

Again, if your aren’t journaling several times a week, get started.

That’s not going to help you build a real sense of self-esteem, though. True self-esteem, true confidence lies in being courageous enough to own up to mistakes. When you can stand up and own shortcomings you can learn and grow.

4. Get Into Your Feelings

When people say they’re caught up in their feelings it’s usually used in a negative connotation. Yet, your emotions have an important role to play in how you understand and interact with the world.

Emotions aren’t the reality, but they are revealing.

When you dig deep to figure out why you feel a certain way, you’re learning about the things that tend to make you feel that way. More importantly, you’re learning how to manage and respond appropriately. This is a level of honesty that your stress levels (and social circle) will appreciate.

5. Don’t Get Caught In Analysis Paralysis

As we noted above, it’s important to take time for reflection and analyze the day. However, it’s equally as important that you don’t over-analyze. It’s easy to get carried away. You don’t need to rationalize everything or intellectualize about it.

You simply need to be matter of fact. There’s no need to create an elaborate story about why bad things happen to you. In fact, you need to stop thinking about why bad things happen to you, and start thinking about what good things you would like to happen.

You need only to note how it is right now and move forward. You can’t understand everything that’s going on in the world, and you don’t need to. You just have to be realistic, be practical and sensible

6. Journaling

Being honest with yourself is a lifelong trait that can help you see where you are and where you want to go. Without honesty, you have no idea who you really are or how you act and react to life.

In truth, you can easily get into a rut of seeing how you are, and not doing anything about it, and that’s worse than being dishonest.

Writing yourself free is amazing.

To avoid this self esteem robbing senario, do your due diligence in a journal at least 3-4 times a week. Most people can’t see themselves journaling, but it’s as easy as buying a dollar notebook and writing something about your life and yourself.

Don’t let anyone else read it, and write whatever you please in it. It won’t be long before you start seeing things about yourself that you never knew.

7. Thinking Yourself Better

Ok, you’ve got your journal going now, why not start writing about how you would like to be?

Instead of always seeing just how honest you can be about life and yourself, it’s time now to start seeing yourself and your life as you would like it to be. You are going to think I’m telling you something different than the rest of this post, but I am not.

It’s time to start thinking about exactly how you want your life to be, and then writing it in your journal. So far, you’ve been being dishonest with yourself with lying to yourself. Now it’s time to be honest about where you are an imagining where you want to go.

Doing this is one of the best ways possible to start being honest with yourself, and you will start becoming the person you really want to be step by step.

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