How To Be More Relaxed?

Ever wish you knew how to stop the world and be relaxed more often? Who hasn’t?  Since you will never stop the world or stressful situations in your life, knowing how to relax anyway must be the answer?

The following tips and methods to de-stress and relax will help you re-energize and enjoy life.

How To Be More Relaxed

These tips may seem far to simple to meet your needs when it comes to de-stressing? But don’t be fooled by their simplicity, they are the backbone of relaxing and enjoying life.

1. Breathing Stress Away

Most of us have no idea of the power breath has over stress. And to tell you the truth, it might just sound too simple, but deep breathing relaxes your entire body.

Whether you’re trying to take it easy after a hard day at the office, or trying not to scream at someone in the supermarket line — remember to take a moment to focus on your breath.

Here’s how to relax with breathing anywhere, anytime:

  1. Stop focusing on the aggravation for a moment and refocus all of your attention on your nose.  That’s right, your nose.
  2. Now that you’re thinking about your nose, focus on the breath as it enters your nostrils.
  3. Take a deep breath and feel your nostrils flaring out to meet the demand.
  4. Exhale slowly, through slightly pursed lips and feel the tension leaving your body and mind.
  5. Do this five times in succession

This is not “iffy”.  It will definitely happen and you will feel tension and stress “melt” off of your body.

In fact, stop what you’re doing and try it right now!  

It works for immediate relaxation, and is great for on the spot anxiety relief.

2. Release Muscle Tension

You can use this relaxation technique most anywhere, but it’s great for chilling out at work.

  1. Get up and move around every hour for as little as a couple of minutes each time. This will cause your blood to circulate throughout your body.  You will be more focused, at ease, and alert just by getting out of your chair at work.
  2. Roll your head around in circles and from side to side with your eyes closed.  This is a great for relaxing neck muscles, relieve built up tension, and increase the blood flow to your brain.
  3. Stretch your back and sides by standing with feet about a shoulder width apart. Next:
    1. Twist your upper body from side to side.
    2. Place the back of your left hand against your chest, and the palm of your right hand on the palm of your left hand. 
    3. Now clasp your fingertips together and your elbows lifted, use one arm to pull and stretch your body around as far as you can, before using the other arm to do the same thing. 
    4. This relaxation technique will loosen your back muscles; open your spine, and release tension and relieve anxiety from your entire body.
  4. Make time during lunch for a walk.  Walking for even a short distance will clear your mind, increase blood flow, and naturally release stress, tension, worry, and anxiety. 

3. Day Dream

There is something magical about escaping from the reality and rush of life’s routines with a daydream.  Use a few moments of daydreaming for instant stress relief.

If you’ve been neglecting your daydreaming, here’s how to get started:

  1. Start by taking a moment to remember a very pleasant time in your life.  A moment during a vacation, or that feeling that comes with success; anything that has good feelings attached to it.
  2. Think and imagine that time and all the details you can remember as deeply as possible.
  3. Go back there and smell how it smelled, and hear the sounds.  Remember as precisely as possible everything about that moment.
  4. Try to stay there as long as possible.

Learning how to focus your attention on pleasant events for 5 minutes at the time can produce miraculous results.

Not only will you be more relaxed, but you will begin to perceive all your circumstances in a different light.

4. Smile More

  1. Make it a conscious habit to smile at other people.  You will be amazed at the positive reactions you get from everybody, even strangers, when you give them the smile.
  2. At work you can smile to relax and co-workers will be able to relax with you.  Think what an asset you could be to the world by just smiling your way through the days.
  3. Whatever you do, smile at your children.  You can be responsible for changing the rest of their lives with encouraging smiles from you. 

5. Laugh More

Being stressed, anxious, or worried are all the very opposite of being open and relaxed. 

  • Instead of clutching at stress like it’s something someone is trying to take from you, use every opportunity to have a good laugh. 
  • Whenever possible look for ways to get someone else to laugh with you.  Two are always better than one.
  • Play silly games with your children and laugh with them.  Children are always willing to laugh and have a good time, so take advantage of their stress free laughter.
  • Make it your intent to rent some hilarious movies to watch, or find them on TV.  You just can’t be stressed out while you’re having a good belly laugh.

Some of us have developed a habit of taking everything far too seriously. There’s enough stress in the day without making life more serious than it already is.

Using these 5 simple tips will help you be more relaxed and you will know how to enjoy life more.

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