How To Calm Panic Attacks

 It didn’t take very many times for me to know I had to find out how to calm panic attacks or they were going to be the end of me.

I doubt that most people who have had even a couple of panic attacks, know what’s going on with them?

They don’t make sense?  You don’t know what to name them?

What Do Panic Attacks Feel Like?

You suddenly realize your heart is racing for no reason, or your extremely nauseous, or maybe you have no choice but to assume you are dying.

You don’t know why you suddenly feel this overwhelming sense of panic like you’ve never experienced before.

That’s a panic attack, and how to calm it and yourself becomes your most important goal.

When you first realize these attacks are getting to be a regular part of your life you start wondering how to calm them, what’s wrong with you, and what you need to do to see them ended.

There’s no way to predict when your next panic attack will swoop down on you, and if you are suffering with panic disorder you know that calm is what you need when you are being attacked by this demon.

People suffering with these attacks suddenly find their normal routine interrupted at the most inconvenient times, and need some way to calm them.

What Are Panic Attack Symptoms?

  • An irregular and rapidly pounding heart
  • Believing you may be choking
  • A feeling of suffocation, or not being able to get enough air
  • Chest pains that cause thoughts of heart attacks and strokes
  • A severe feeling of being detached from their surroundings, and may be in the process of dying.
  • A feeling of impending doom, and the fear of completely losing control of the situation

These panic attack symptoms regularly send people to the hospital emergency rooms so you can bet it’s a bad few minutes, or few hours,  for the recipient.

You may need to know though, that these panic attacks themselves can’t actually harm you.  It’s the symptoms that send people to the emergency rooms.

It’s tempting to say the symptoms aren’t real, but of course the sweating and nausea and racing heart beat is real.

But when you get to the hospital you learn that there’s really nothing wrong with you.

There is nothing going on that would cause you to feel all of the symptoms you just experienced?

Coping With Panic Attacks

There are methods and techniques to learn in a peaceful time, that teach you how cure panic attacks, and get both of them out of your life.

But if you don’t have that information,  you need a way to calm panic attacks fast, and naturally.

This is a method that has worked for me and countless others, so why not remember to do this the next time you are faced with anxiousness at all, about anything at all.

If you learn to use this method any time you feel anxious, you will be more prone to remember it when panic sets in.

It requires “guts” the first time you use it for calming your panic attack, but if you have gone through one, you have guts.  So, you might as well see how this method works to utterly calm yourself during your attacks.

How To Calm Panic Attacks Naturally, Fast!

The secret of the ages is to…….. not attempt to stop the feelings……..or change any of the symptoms!

Instead, you “cause” yourself to be acutely conscious of the symptoms, and sensations. If you are being flooded with different symptoms of panic, just choose one and try to feel it.  You are going to be amazed at how quickly your nerves begin to calm themselves.

The symptoms are a strange phenomenon, because they aren’t actually real. They are sensations caused by your brain reacting to something,  unconsciously.

The more you panic the more the brain is trying to match symptoms to your panic, and they get larger and larger. Most panic attacks last about 10 minutes (but they can last 45 minutes or all day) and leave you wondering if you are crazy, or just had some major health issue?

How I Calm Down From A Panic Attack

When you focus all of your attention on a symptom of your panic attack, instead of trying to stop it, Some interesting things will happen.

First you will bring your mind back into control.

As you realize you are not loosing control and come back to yourself, you should begin to feel the panic dissolving and a sense of calm coming over you.

It is very important that you now welcome the feeling or sensation that you are focusing on, and do not attempt to remove it, or make it stop.

Instead you want to really press into trying to see exactly where it is manifesting in your body. Is it your chest, your breath, your heart beat?  Now as you focus on the symptoms you will be naturally calming the panic attack.

The more you try to really see exactly what it feels like and exactly where it is…the more it will disappear, like smoke fading into the air, leaving you calm and serene.

In the end, this method of dissolving panic attacks and anxiety is the best natural method possible, because it puts you in control.

The technique is actually no more than being mindful. If you can only spare a few minutes each day to sit still and quiet, and cause yourself to think about your body, or any object, you will be on your way to mindfulness and how to calm panic attacks, fast!

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