How To Deal With Depression Without Medication

How To Deal With Depression Without Medication
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Do you ever want to just hide from everybody and pretend “I am not here” when you are dealing with depression? Even though that is one way to deal with depression without medication, there are better and more constructive ways to find relief.

It’s really a common trait for people in depression to want to stop expending the effort to respond to everyday life. But the more you isolate yourself, the deeper you will go.

When you withdraw and isolate yourself from the day, and new experiences, you are digging a deeper hole, and are admitting surrender.

You are saying to your innermost self that you are beat, you are a victim of all of the circumstances and forces that are just too powerful to deal with.

In order for you to deal with depression without medication you are going to have to push through the pull of isolation, and expend some energy to move.

Instead of withdrawing take some action to set some goals for yourself to move, get up, get out.  It’s never a good idea to fight and resist an anxiety attack, but when it comes to depression, you are going to have to take concrete action.

Force yourself to take some intentional steps towards stopping the hurtful situations, and go to work on building some patterns that are helpful, enjoyable, and productive.

Make some assessments of your life and your relationships and look for some improved ways of handling the ones that are causing you grief.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Write on a piece of paper “do not make assumptions” and stick it on your mirror, on your refrigerator, on the phone, on the door, on your forehead.  

How ever you do it, commit to yourself that you will learn the skill of asking questions, instead of assuming answers that later lead to let downs, misunderstandings, and depression.

The best way to deal with depression without medication is to see what’s causing it, and work to change the circumstances, or the way you deal with those circumstances.

Exercise For Relief

There was a time when people would advise me to “just get up and so something, like exercise, or even sweep the floor”.

My response would be “If I could get up and do something, I wouldn’t be depressed!”

However, I know today that the first step to relief for depression is physical activity.

And, furthermore, it is possible to get up, get dressed, and get out of the house. Sure it takes will power, but there’s no denying that movement gets your brain working again.

There’s actually no better time to take up a regular exercise program.

Of course, it’s easier to whine, moan, and completely shut down, but believe it not, exercise is often better than antidepressants.

Going for a walk once will surely help you out of your present situation. When you make walking, running, going to the gym, or just working in the yard a regular routine, you just found out how to deal with depression without medication.

I personally find walking the best exercise for anxiety and depression.

And it doesn’t need to be strenuous either. Walk in the mall, neighborhood, local walking track, parks, etc.

Just a 20 minute stroll 3 or 4 times a week will definitely change your attitude about life. If you have trouble falling asleep walking can be your best friend.

But depression isn’t the only thing walking will help with. You will get in touch with your body, nature, and maybe even lose a little weight.

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