How Do You Overcome Social Anxiety?

Are people seeing you as shy, a quiet person, or maybe just disinterested, when your hearts desire is to be included and engaged?

Do you yearn to be open, included in social circles, and for people to see how friendly you really are, but just can’t make it happen?

I dealt with the affects of social anxiety for most of my life with no idea what the problem was, so I had no idea how to overcome it.

Here is some news for you:

You do not have to stayed locked into a life of living out the symptoms of social anxiety!

If you are willing to learn and use free cognitive behavioral therapy methods,  you can change your life. 

What is Social Anxiety

The very core of social anxiety is extreme fear of being judged and evaluated by other people.

The problem is real, and it is not being shy. As a matter of fact a person could have an extroverted personality and be withdrawn due to the effects of social anxiety.

Some Symptoms of Social Anxiety

Even though this list is not complete: see if any of these symptoms relate to you.

  • Have difficulty with the idea that you are being teased or criticized
  • Can’t tolerate being the center of attention (even though you may secretly want to be)
  • Difficulty with the idea that you are being watched while you are doing something
  • Have problems communicating your real thoughts, and ideas to anyone you perceive as an authority figure
  • Find your self easily embarrassed
  • Difficulty with meeting the gaze of other people
  • Hard to speak to close friends and family in public
  • Do not like your friends and family members drawing attention to you in public places

These are not all of the symptoms, but I think they are the more prevalent ones.

With social anxiety it’s not as if you don’t recognize the problem. In fact it’s the opposite of that.

You know all too well that there is a problem and you don’t want to be this way, but you are.   And none of it really makes sense.

Help For Social Anxiety

Like all of the rest of anxiety problems there is real relief, but only if you are willing to work for it.

I found out as a teenager that I could overcome all of my anxiety and social problems with the use of alcohol, and drugs.

A very quick fix with devastating results for myself and those closest to me.

When I was finally able to come to myself,  I knew that medication of any sort was only a method to cover the problem, and develop a faux personality.

Medication is rarely a method to address and overcome social anxiety and phobias.

So what is the answer?

If you want to be free from social anxiety – and are willing to pay the price, which is time and devotion to changing – you can do it with Cognitive behavioral therapy.

That’s a large phrase that simply means to change the way you have been thinking.

It’s an amazing process that will change your life forever, leaving you free from fears and anxiety.

If you want it, you can change your life when you change your thinking right here.

When you get to that page click on the first box and work your way all the way through the 7 Self Help Courses, over and over and over again.

You can definitely overcome social anxiety if you are willing to take the time to learn how.

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