How To Tell If You Have Anxiety?

Recognizing Anxiety Symptoms

1. Overreacting

Ask someone if they think you are overreacting to situations in your life? Give them particular examples and be open to their answers, being alert to know if they are only agreeing with you—to prevent you from over reacting once again?

2. Trouble Concentrating

If you are consistently having trouble staying focused on what deserves your attention,  that could be a symptom of generalized anxiety.

3. Easily Overwhelmed

Do you find yourself being overwhelmed at the thought of beginning normal activities at home or at work?  Do you notice that you become agitated or anxious when you start any task or project at hand.

4. Living In A State of Impending Doom

This sense of doom with no evidence of anything being wrong is a good sign that you are dealing with GAD, or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Some people first recognize their anxiety as constant worry and don’t know how to stop worrying?

5. Racing Heart

A racing heart is a common sign of anxiety, so if you are doing your normal activities and realize that your heart is racing for no reason, this could indicate an anxiety attack.

6. Uncontrollable Fears

Many people with GAD deal with uncontrollable and irrational fears on a regular basis. These are fears that you can’t control, and you realize are probably too large for the occasion.

7. Tension and Grating Feelings in Your Chest

Feelings of anxiousness in your chest area suddenly showing up at the most inopportune times are a good sign that you are dealing with abnormal anxiety.

Is My Anxiety Normal?

Anxiety starts out as a normal function built into human beings.

It is designed to alert our body to get prepared for a dangerous situation. But it becomes a problem when you’re having acute symptoms over everyday situations, or for no apparent reason.

Maybe a good way to explain how to tell if you have anxiety is to think about how you feel when you are about to do something unpleasant or fearful.

The symptoms of normal anxiety can start out with something like:

  • Feeling agitated
  • Nervous
  • Uncomfortable feelings of having to force yourself to face the challenge
  • Nausea

In other words anxiety boils down to symptoms of fear.

Most humans can relate to these symptoms with varying degrees of intensity. However, most people quickly get over the symptoms and go on about their business without seeing them as a life-altering problem.

On the other hand, when anxiety is getting the best of you and/or you suffer with an anxiety disorder the feelings of discomfort and fear are extremely exaggerated.

When you have anxiety like this, it becomes a life altering problem and it’s time to learn how to either manage it, or stop it.

Knowing how to tell if you have anxiety that’s causing a problem is the first step. Most people first hear the diagnosis at a physician’s office and realize that the problem is real.

There are medications that work to hide the symptoms in order to go on with a normal life. And their are natural cures for anxiety that can help and completely cure the problem.

So there’s no need to live your life anxious or have anything other than the lifestyle that anxiety tries to steal from you.

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