Is There Really Relief From Anxiety?

Real natural anxiety relief can’t come until you’ve given up on the idea that your anxiety is being caused by some outside influence.

It is not really the product of people, traffic, jobs, your children, your spouse, or the myriad of other things you’re blaming for your apprehension and misery.

It’s so easy and natural to believe with all of your heart that if you could just control external circumstances and learn how to relax, you could find relief, and naturally stop the unease.

Anxiety Relief Is An Inside Affair

I spent many years looking for a place of peace outside of myself. A place where dogs didn’t bark, children behaved, people knew what to do at traffic signals, and everything went smooth at work.

I never found that place where the world went according to Mike. So I lived with no relief in sight.

My personality and relationships continued to form around my ever-growing state of anxiety.

Neither I or the people who were coming to dislike me understood that the constant irritability and quickness to “go off” were symptoms of anxiety disorders. We all wound up thinking I was crazy?

What Are Anxiety Symptoms

The medical description of Generalized Anxiety Disorder is to have anxious feelings most days for 6 months.

These are some of the most common symptoms of GAD:

  • Feeling keyed up – on edge, or dealing with restlessness
  • Being fatigued all the time
  • Difficulty concentrating and focusing your attention
  • Irritated or agitated with no real reason. (It’s easy and normal under these circumstances to place blame, but it’s no one’s fault)
  • Living with constant stress
  • Sleep problems

Of course, everyone deals with anxious feelings, apprehension, and worry from time to time in their life. Everyone on earth can probably say they’ve experienced the symptoms above.

But GAD Is More Than That

GAD is more exaggerated and it’s chronic. It’s usually with you without you having any idea what provoked it.

There’s a feeling of impending doom. Even though the source is usually invisible — you seem to always have something to worry about or be concerned over.

The feelings manifest in your body as physical symptoms like twitching muscles, tension, or maybe a lump in your throat.

The anxiousness would usually be in my chest, just at the bottom of my rib cage. It would seem like all the nerves there were lit up and as if there was something that had to be done immediately to put the fire out.

How Do I Control Anxiety?

Anxiety is based on fear, and the fears are about the loss of control.

There is always an idea, some sensation, that if you could control the situation, you could control the problem. But it’s really the fear of what the future holds, and I can only feel safe if I can control the circumstances.

Medication can never do away with the problem — only mask the symptoms. Once you get that, you start to understand the anxiety has nothing to do with any outside influence.

The fears are coming from your unconscious mind. And you don’t know what to take control of or how to satisfy it.

The fears are there, but not being addressed as fears. They are being addressed as a need to be in control of something that would bring relief.

We Invent Our Own Coping Methods

So most of us wind up inventing our own anxiety self-help methods at the expense of other people around us. We each makeup own coping strategies.

We do things like:

  • Blame others
  • Abuse when we don’t even know we are abusive
  • Medicate ourselves with alcohol and drugs
  • Avoid people and situations that seem to trigger our insecurities
  • Become obsessed with work or other people
  • Change jobs a lot

Go ahead, add your own. The list can go on forever.

Finding solutions like these seem to bring relief because they serve as a way to keep our attention focused on outside events.

Natural Anxiety Remedies

Most people are talking about things like herbs, meditation, yoga, exercise, eating the right foods, acupuncture, and etc. when they are speaking of natural remedies.

There are a lot of different methods that will bring you natural relief. Any single one or all of the techniques above can help you unwind and de-stress.

And natural stress relief is important to your relief efforts because stress is a known trigger for anxiety. The more stressed you are, the more irritable you are, the more anxious you are.

However, they aren’t that much different than any other method we’ve looked at so far. In fact, they aren’t remedies at all. That is if you consider a remedy as something that puts and end to the problem?

Medication for Anxiety

I am the first to admit that medication in any form can bring some much-needed relief. However, like the natural remedies above — medication is never a cure.

Most people are able to name the demon for the very first time when they finally see a doctor. As a general rule, doctors immediately prescribe some form of anti-anxiety medicine and or anti-depressants.

My experience was that being drugged meant I could cope. The anxiety never went away, I was still quite aware of it going on inside my self.

I just didn’t care. Because I knew it was still there and I was drugged and num to it, I didn’t have to act out or produce any other symptoms. That’s what the meds did for me.

My experience was the same as most people, in that after a while I didn’t want to be drugged. So, I would alternate between the medication and the constant apprehension.

I Wanted Anxiety to Go Away Without Being Drugged

After a while, I started wondering if there was some natural relief that was real, and permanent. Something I didn’t have to take every day. Something that would cure the problem instead of constantly addressing the symptoms.

We are all individuals and experience the symptoms in different ways, so we search for different methods and techniques until we find what works for us.

When you find permanent relief that reaches to the very core of the cause you find a sustainable peace that affects all life situations.

You can learn to quiet your innermost self very quickly, no matter the place or situation, and quickly dispel the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Without really knowing what could be wrong with me, my life was like a small boat on rough seas for many years. Always seeing life through the lenses of anxiety.

Anxiety relief did turn out to be natural. I learned that it was not a medical condition at all. I learned that I was the only one who could take control and end it in my life.

The only real relief from anxiety must come from within because no one, or no drug can touch it but you.

It’s not particularly difficult, and not particularly easy. It just requires your undevoted willingness, focus and a little patience. Read this post for the simplest directions, and decide for yourself, if it’s time for your own real relief or not?

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