My Secret To Healthy Weight Loss

My Secret To Healthy Weight Loss
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You may think my secret to Healthy Weight Loss is just too weird for you to try, but it has worked like magic for me.

My weight has always fluctuated up and down by about 20 lbs, leaving me with at least 2 sets of clothes at any given time.

Even when I am 20 lbs over weight I am not obese, just uncomfortable, and unhealthy.

The problem has always been a craving for carbohydrates, and terrible eating habits.

I could always fast the 20 lbs off in a few weeks, but still be the owner of cravings and bad habits, until I found this method that has changed my mind, my weight, and my life.

I have actually stopped craving carbohydrates, and eat far less than ever before with no dieting, no fasting, and no will power.

I think I learned my secret to a Healthy Weight Loss Plan for something else, and decided to try it for my eating habits.

This is what I did every day for 3 or 4 weeks, and now just when I happen to think of it.

Healthy Weight Loss Program 

I close my eyes and hold my hands in front of me, palms up in a cup fashion as if I am waiting for you to put something in them. If I am sitting I rest my elbows in my lap.

With my eyes closed I begin to think of all the reasons I love to be at my proper weight, while focusing on my dominate hand.

I always have my right hand on my mind as I am thinking of every reason I can imagine that I like to be at my proper weight.

Things like:

  • my clothes fit
  • I feel better physically
  • I look better
  • I like the way my clothes look
  • I am more active

Next I go through each of the reasons above and feel how it feels when I – any one of the reasons above. 

For instance: I imagine myself feeling how I feel when I look better.

Just close your eyes and remember or imagine how good you feel when you are at your perfect weight.

Try to see yourself standing in right in front of you, and then feel how good your new self feels. Feel the energy and vigor you have now. 

In other words, I turn every one of those thoughts into feelings.

When I have gone through every positive reason to be at my proper weight and felt how I would feel if I looked better, felt better, was more active with my clothes fitting,

I shift my focus to my non dominate hand.

Now I begin to think of what is the conflict with my eating “right ” and healthy. What conflicts with this way of eating? What conflicts with my feeling so good.

As I think of eating too much at meals and think of eating sweets and carbohydrates, I try to think of every reason that I eat these, and why it feels good, while focusing on my non dominate hand.

Now I think of and imagine just how it feels when I am eating cookies, and second helpings at meals. I want to feel the feelings I feel when I am eating unhealthy, and those are usually good feelings.

Now I have felt all of the feelings of proper eating and proper weight, and all of the feelings of eating foods that I crave and taste really good to me.

I do not deny either part of myself, these are all part of me, my feelings, and my desires. I honor what I have in each hand.

Now I tell myself that I honor all of my thoughts and feelings, and put my non dominate hand on top of my dominate hand and bring them both to my chest, placing all of my feelings back into my heart, mind, and being.

If I have made the method clear to you, you can try it for your weight or any other behaviors, or thought processes that you would like to change about yourself.

My secret To Healthy Weight Loss has made a profound difference in not only my eating habits, but other conflicts in my life as well.

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