Stop Anxiety Now With These 5 Tips

You have choices! You can choose to suffer through the attacks as they come, or choose to figure out how to stop the anxiety.

If you do nothing it’s highly unlikely that the anxiety attacks will stop of their own volition. In fact, it’s more likely that they will become more intense and appear more often.

Anxiety is perfectly capable of completely taking over and controlling every aspect of your life. That makes it essential that you take a stand against it, and find strategies that work — to stop it.

I’ve listed 5 Tips that you can put into action now to stop your anxiety attacks.

1. Know Where Anxiety Originates

abstract image of anxiety origination
Anxiety has a beginning and end

Anxiety is the result of the fight or flight response built in to humans from the beginning of time. It was and can be very useful for protecting your life from enemies lurking in the shadows.

The fight or flight syndrome is a sort of 5th sense that quickly prepares your body to fight or run. Either way, your brain sends a sudden rush of hormones and adrenaline throughout your body as it speeds up your heart rate and tenses muscles.

To tell you the truth, that response is seldom needed these days, yet is still alive and disorderly in many people.

It’s when you know that the anxiety is coming from the recesses of your subconscious mind and why it’s affecting your body that you can stop your own fear of the symptoms.

Believe it or not, you can gather your courage and face the symptoms head on. That’s when you can quieten them, calm yourself, and begin the process of stopping them from showing up again.

Knowledge really is power, and as you understand your own anxiety, you can take control of it. You can stop it from controlling your own life.

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2. You Are Scaring Yourself

Your anxiety starts deep within the depths of your own memory as fear. So, that no matter how your own anxiety symptoms manifest, it’s about fear.

You are making the actual anxiety attack symptoms more intense as you quite naturally fear what is happening in your mind and body.

Once again and forever more, as you learn more about what is causing the symptoms of anxiety, you can stop scaring yourself and then be in the position to stop the anxiety.

In fact, as you learn to eradicate fear in general from your life you will be removing part of the source of your anxiety attacks. I say part of the source because part of it comes from old memories that you may never become conscious of in real time.

3. Learning to Stay Calm

stay calm and breath polaroid picture
Deep slow breaths will disarm an anxiety attack

So, an anxiety attack starts from your subconscious mind remembering something from the past that it perceived as dangerous to your life and health.

This is going on in your subconscious which is out of reach to your own conscious memory. That’s why you never know exactly what brings on the attacks.

When it starts to manifest your own symptoms in your body, you consciously become frightened. We all have different symptoms. However, whatever yours are, you are now multiplying them.

The key to stopping the anxiety in its tracks is learn to calm yourself as the symptoms appear.

As you calm yourself you will be shutting down the response system in your brain that’s causing the anxiety. As you assure your own brain that you aren’t afraid after all, it will ease and end the stress response to your body.

Once you’ve calmed yourself and focused entirely on the symptoms during a couple of episodes, you will find it easier and easier to take control.

The surest and most effective natural cure for anxiety is to find ways to face the attack, reassure yourself, and stay calm.

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4. Focusing Your Attention

With a generalized anxiety attack it’s easy for your attention to focus on how to stop the symptoms. It seems that whatever you were doing is lost in a wide variety of thoughts that may include things like:

  • How to make this stop
  • Where did this come from
  • Is this real
  • I need to get back to what I was doing, but I can’t
  • Sometimes even wondering if this is life threatening

However, none of this has any positive effect on the outcome of the problem.

You will find that the best way to make any anxiety subside is to focus your attention on one symptom you are experiencing.

At first, the biggest problem is remembering to focus on a symptom instead of the problem as a whole. But the following is what I’ve found works to dissipate the attack as if it were smoke disappearing in the air.

Many times there will be an array of physical symptoms occurring at once. What you want to do is to get your wits about you, and simply pick one, and only one.

How To Stop An Anxiety Attack

1. Make yourself concentrate on only one symptom.

2. Think about exactly where it’s manifesting in your body.

3. Become attentive to exactly how that particular symptom feels.

4. Notice that the more you concentrate on its location and how it feels the less acute it becomes.

5. When you notice it’s gone, pick another.

They will probably reappear after you think they are gone, but just “do them” again.

And again if necessary.

5. Confidence That Anxiety Can End

There’s two points to remember and stand on when it comes to stopping your own anxiety attacks:

  • At some point any powerful and acute attack will end.
  • You can stop them from appearing either naturally, or with medication.

To be honest with you, I believe that if someone had told me this in the beginning of my years of suffering with several forms of anxiety — I could have taken control of it and stopped it much faster.

When anxiety is coming in the form of definite attacks against your self and body, it can be a most frightening experience.

However, there is a lot of confidence in the knowledge that it won’t be forever, and you stand a great chance of putting it completely out of your life.


List of steps to stop anxiety

It’s easier to read about personal problems online than to take action— yet you never find any relief in reading?

You can know that I really appreciate you taking the time to read post on this website,

But you will need to try putting what you read into action to learn for yourself how to stop anxiety in your own life.

Sometimes we sort of think our anxiety can’t be a real thing. That leads us to suffering way too long with it.

It is real! And it will eat you alive, without taking a stand against it.

So, the next time you find yourself anxious about anything, try any or all of these tips. And while you’re here scroll down just a little and tell us about your own anxiety and what you’ve done to stop it.

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