What Causes My Anxiety Attacks?

Finding out what causes my anxiety attacks took a lot of dedication on my part. And to tell you the truth, you may never be able to identify the source of some of them.

Most people suffering with anxiety disorders are dealing with multiple triggers and many of these attacks seem to have no cause at all?

When it comes to natural cures for anxiety (which is by far the most permanent solution for most people) the two primary goals are:

6 Common Anxiety Attack Triggers

What Causes an Anxiety Attack

— It all began with your brain perceiving that you were in danger-sometime in the past.

— This could have been yesterday, or many years ago.

— The incident could have been life threatening, or it could have been something as small as believing a playmate might attack you when there was absolutely no reason to think that.

— It could have been one incident, or your brain could have imprinted many, small or large.

— Because they are imprinted in your brain, there can be “triggers” that turn on your anxiety without you knowing why.

1. Health Problems

Of course being diagnosed with a severe medical condition could easily trigger your subconscious mind to connect this as a fear related to what I’ve explained above.

You can see how this would be a powerful trigger and cause your anxiety to surge.

However, you could be the type of person that doesn’t need an actual diagnosis from a doctor pertaining to a life threatening problem.

It’s easy enough for me to start obsessing on some small or even imaginary problem. When I do that, I start considering ideas of it becoming a life threatening situation?

If you do this, these personal feelings are quite capable of causing severe anxiety, or even panic attacks.

If you have had a real medical diagnosis that brings fear, you might reduce your anxiety with talking it out with the doctor or loved one.

If you’re possibly turning on your anxiety with obsessive and possibly imaginary thoughts, you’ll need to learn ways to control what you think about.

2. Medicines

Pills and capsules for medications that cause anxiety
Medication Can Cause Anxiety Attacks

To tell you the truth, there are quite a few medications than can trigger your anxiety symptoms.

Both over the counter and prescription medications are known to cause chemical reactions in your body that turn on your anxiety.

Noticing that some medicine you take makes you feel uneasy or a little “different” could be a sign it’s triggering your brain for anxiety.

My first step when this happens is to Google the medicine and read about the side effects. Of course you could read through the long, exhaustive and confusing papers that accompany most any Rx prescriptions you buy.

Trying to decipher all that info is enough to throw me into a state of anxiousness for days.

If you think any of your medications are causing a problem, it’s simple enough to:

  • Call the doctor
  • Check with the drug store
  • Go online and search the name of the medication and side effects

Here’s 5 signs you could be having a full blown anxiety attack:

3. Caffeine

Latest research and studies indicate that caffeine could be the cause of your anxiety. So, it’s plausible that your morning coffee could be putting you on edge enough to trigger your attack.

I drink a lot of coffee — a lot! The interesting thing is that coffee seldom has any noticeable effect on me, but there are times it will make me so anxious I feel like climbing the walls?

From my own experience this can occur hours after my last cup and it’s only my awareness of the trigger that lets me know the problem.

If you drink coffee or caffeinated drinks on a regular basis, it’s simple enough to discover if it’s provoking your own attacks.

Stop Drinking It For A Week! After a few days, you will know if it’s been causing your own anxiousness. (after you get over the withdrawal effects, that is).

shelves of energy drinks that cause anxiety attacks
Energy Drinks Can Cause Anxiety Attacks

Are you existing on energy drinks, and small shot bottles?


If energy drinks aren’t enough to turn on anxiety from large amounts of caffeine in them, nothing is?

4. Missing Meals

Blood sugar drops are a known source of anxiety.

The two main causes of your blood sugar plunging downward are:

  • Missing meals
  • Eating sugar in sweets, soft drinks, or other sources

When you miss meals, you are sending signals to your brain that there’s no food available and that sets you up for anxiety attacks.

When you eat any type of food with processed flour and or sugar, you are raising your sugar levels “artificially”.

After your blood sugar soars out of control, they take a dive. This leads to everything from jittery hands to triggering anxiety. Not to mention the negative effect on your overall health?

So, it’s important to eat balanced meals at pretty close to the same time each day and lay off the sugary foods.

When you feed your body a regular supply of healthy nutrients on a regular basis — it can depend on the nutrients needed for energy, the best health, and help you fight off anxiety and depression.

5. Negative Thinking

Ok, if you go back to the origin of all anxiety attacks coming from fear that your subconscious remembers — it’s easy to see how negative thinking could play a part.

The more difficult part for most of us to get is how important what we say and think about are to who we are.

You are always the very first person to hear your words and thoughts.

The interesting thing about negative thinking is that even when you’re angry with someone else, your mind has no method to determine it’s not you you’re thinking and talking about. (That’s important enough to let it sink in for awhile.)

If you have a tendency to think:

  • Negative thoughts
  • Angry thoughts
  • Worrying thoughts
  • Thoughts about the worst possible outcome of situations


All of those and more about yourself or someone else can trigger your own attacks.

6. Worrying About Money

We all know how devastating to our moods and attitudes when worrying about lack of money or debt.

man picking money off money tree to stop anxiety

And some people have enough money to pay their bills, but still find ways to procrastinate instead of taking care of business.

Either way, this along with worry about anything is a known anxiety agitator and trigger.

If you tend to worry about your finances, or procrastinate, you might find the aid of a financial advisor a real time cure for anxiety? Many times having someone help you and offer input and ideas can help you take care of finances that you thought were a lost concern.


I know these are only a few of the many triggers, and pretty broad, however it is important for you think about what could cause your anxiety attacks.

The most important thing you can do for anxiety, is to do most anything to stop it. No matter what causes it, anxiety attacks can ruin your life. But it doesn’t have to — you can stop them.

What about you? What methods are you using now for anxiety relief? Tell us how you’re dealing with anxiety attacks in the comments below.

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