Why You Can’t Stop Excessive Worry and Anxiety

It’s all coming from the same place you know; the anxiety and the worry. It’s a deep seated fear that in all probability you don’t know you have. Something happened, maybe when you were a child, maybe not, that left you feeling a lot more vulnerable than you wanted to be.

That’s why you can’t stop excessive worry and anxiety.

If you can’t seem to stop worrying you may have learned those vulnerable feelings from one of your parents.

You can learn that subtle fear of things not turning out right by osmosis. You can learn how to worry by being around a parent without ever knowing you’re catching the habit.

Whether it’s anxiety attacks or chronic worrying the inner dialogue you’re having with yourself is fear based. Your self talk is not one of confidence and encouragement.

What Is Negative Self Talk?

You may be the person who thinks you don’t have that inner conversation, but you do. You may not be in tune with it enough to hear it, but it’s there.

From my own personal experience I wouldn’t know which is worse. Hearing what’s going on in my head, or being oblivious to the noise. At least if I can hear it, I know something needs fixing.

It’s not voices either. It’s not like you’re crazy. Remember, everyone has an inner dialogue. It’s a voice. It’s my voice talking to me inside myself. If you are a chronic worrier you are having a very negative conversation with yourself.

You just can’t convince yourself that things are going to work out alright for you and your family. Your children. That’s what worrying is, isn’t it?

I mean, how much time are you spending seeing how good it’s going to be when you get that promotion? How much time are you spending talking to yourself about how much you will enjoy all of the positive results of your life?

Stop Negative Self Talk

You can’t stop the anxiety, or the worry, until you learn how to change what you are saying to yourself.

You have to learn how to be the absolute best coach you can be for yourself.

You have to know how to coach yourself away from anxiety and worry and into a different state of mind.

All you really need to do is remind yourself that you are not a victim of circumstances anymore.

Positive Self Talk

Go ahead, say it right now: “I trust myself to make the best possible decision for me.”

Say this “ I know I am well able to meet the challenges of life head on.”

Those are positive affirmations, of which there are thousands upon thousands. Those are not the words you are used to hearing in your head, but they need to be.

The problem with positive affirmations is simply that you can say them a million times, and when you need them, you can’t hear them. Because you never believed them to begin with.

Sure you wanted to believe them with all of your heart. You practiced, you may have even read 100 books on the subject of positive thinking, how to change your thinking to change your life, how to think your way into being rich, and more?

The Power of Your Sub Conscious Mind

There are real reasons why positive affirmations don’t seem to work for people with deep seated anxiety, and chronic worrying.

Your subconscious mind has already processed the information it thinks it needs to keep you safe and secure. You think you are the master of your ship, but your subconscious mind is ruling the day.

All it really wants is the very best for you, though.

If you could just get it to tell you how good you are, how smart you are, how able you are, how things always work out for the best for you: You could see your life, your health, your relationships, your career, your life circumstances change before your very eyes.

It’s difficult for almost anyone to retrain their subconscious mind using their conscious mind to repeat affirmations, and reading about how to do it. Once your subconscious believes something, it actually controls your life based on that belief.

How To Change Yourself

But, and that’s a big but right there, there are very simple methods to change what your subconscious mind believes. And it will believe whatever you tell it, you just have to get it to listen.

So let’s go ahead and cut through the rest of the conversation here, and get to the point.

Myself and untold millions of others have changed the circumstances of our lives using hypnosis. I have found that the most profound, effective, and cost effective method of using this technique is with CDs and MP3s in the privacy of my own home.

Self Hypnosis Therapy To Change Your Self Talk

That’s called self hypnosis, and it has ways of going to your subconscious mind much quicker than most other methods.

There really is no snake doctors, or voodoo, or whatever else one might imagine that self hypnosis may be, either. No, you either get a cd in the mail, or download it to your computer.

There will be a soothing and relaxing voice gently saying very positive things to you in a trained manner that your subconscious recognizes and responds too quite quickly. The voice will guide you not into sleep, or some unconscious state, but into a relaxation of body and mind.

Self hypnosis or anything else is not likely to change your mind overnight.

You will be advised to listen to the CD or mp3 download once or twice a day. You won’t wake up in morning to find yourself a different person. But what will happen is that after a few days or a week or so you will notice yourself responding different than you did in the past.

Changing Negative Self Talk

You will hear yourself saying the things that you heard being said while you were relaxed and listening to the CD. You will hear your own voice tell you how good you are at handling problems as they come up, how confident you are, and you will believe it.

The self hypnosis changes the conversation in your head. It changes your negative and fearful internal dialogue to words of confidence, health, peace, and the courage to calmly face any situation that comes up.

Self hypnosis is one the fastest methods I know of to stop worrying and being anxious about both the past and the future. It can literally change how you perceive yourself in a very short time.

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